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peter hughs

Peter Hughes reading through a projection of his Miro text sequence, Norwich 2008. Photo by Mark Sargeant. The dual column sequence, The Sardine Tree, is available from Oyster Catcher Press.


Welcome to textVISUAL, an online magazine of texts and visuals, occasionally overlapping and melting into each other.

It is intended to publish textVISUAL three times a year in June, October and February. However, there will be an ‘organic’ element within each four month period of ‘publication,’ so I hope each issue will be worth returning to between issues.

This issue features Martin Stannard, Peter Hughes, Ian Seed, Claire Hamburger, Lisa D’Onofrio, Linda Chapman, Tim Lenton, Gerald Nason, Michael Fenton and Rupert Mallin.

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textVISUAL addiTIONAL – updates June to October 2009

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