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Martin Stannard is a prolific poet presently teaching in China.  He has had books of poetry published by Stride and Leafe Press, among others, and a review of his recent ‘Faith’ (Shadowtrain) can be viewed here.  

Michael Fenton’s recent graphic works are large, though there is a sense that they are extracted from a book or have been otherwise interfered with. Michael lives in Norfolk. He has an online gallery.

Tim Lenton has been active in InPrint, the Norfolk based poets and artists group, for six years and has recently been involved in the Paston Letters Project.  He was a columnist on the Eastern Daily Press for eleven years.

Peter Hughes is a poet and painter living on the North Norfolk Coast. He has had volumes of his poetry published by Shearsman and Salt, and her runs the excellent Oystercatcher Press.

Lisa D”Onofrio is a poet based in Norwich. She’s one of few poets who has held a residency in a supermarket! She is also a member of InPrint, and runs poetry and print making workshops with Artist Annette Rolston.

Ian Seed runs the prestigeous Shadowtrain press. His poetry is widely published and his ‘Anonymous Intruder’ (Shearsman 2009) has received rave reviews.

Linda Chapman is currently undertaking an MA in fine art at the Norwich University College of Art. Her observational drawings, which she turns into etchings in plaster, capture urban space and its fragility. Linda’s collaboration with Rupert Mallin is part of the Norwich 20 group ‘Voicing Visions’ project.

Claire Hamburger is a writer, artist and musician living in Norwich, and is presently working on a novel. Her late father was the poet and translator Michael Hamburger.

Gerald Nason has been making art for many years – paintings, drawings, individual books, postcards and mail art. His poetry is written for oral rendition and for his postcards.  He will be reading at the Halesworth Gallery, Suffolk, in September.

Mark Sargeant is a photographer and film maker. Some of his films can be viewed on YouTube.



I hope you enjoy this first issue of textVISUAL. It is the beginning of a journey into exploring the terrain between the written and the visual. Norwich should be the city to begin such a journey as its art school (university now) runs an MA in ‘Writing The Visual,’ InPrint has established itself as a truly combined artists/poets group and the recent exhibition ‘Voicing Visions’ (Norwich 20 group) brought together 100 artists and poets in paired collaborations.

However, rather than celebrate Norwich, the purpose of this magazine is to connect to the outside world and I am pleased to feature the work of Martin Stannard, Ian Seed and Peter Hughes in this issue.

If you would like to contribute to textVISUAL 2 the closing deadlines for submisions is September 15 – rupertmallin@gmail.com


Rupert Mallin



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