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Lisa D’Onofrio

Sweet Meats

 Week I


My new red shoes

lie in the grass

waiting to be plucked


Week II


A rare ripening

in February

fruit falls early


Week III


Lap of flesh

against flesh we shower

wearing only each other


Week IV


Sinking poppies

in the toilet bowl

another perfect loss





The orange nylon undies on the radiator

stuffed in her apron pocket

before Dad walked in,

the traces


of crème eyeshadow,

like crumbled candy floss

The way she moved from basket to line

as if pushing through earth


The slight vibrating

when she washed up

Her gloved hands blooming

the water scarlet


I never guessed whose small attentions

forced her out of dormancy

he never supposed at all


commenting that year on how

long summer was

and longing for the fall.





The stuff

i bought

the last time

we went to Ikea

is still in its boxes

waiting to be put on the shelves

you never put up



Close Work


She’d sorried

from the beginning






until what was left

was small enough

to place under the mattress

in a box she’d decoupaged herself.


Then, she’d pierced her tongue

with a crochet hook

and with a rather fetching purple thread sewn her lips together


In the end she was displayed

in her coffin

and the entire congregation missed

the ladder in her tights

Except for her cousin’s niece’s friend (she was visiting)

who took out her needle and smiled.





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